Tommy lighting is a brand of VIVA.  

It’s a fact that we all need light. Without light our world loses its shapes and colours. The absence of light influences on our health and even on our mood. Lighting is one of the basic factors in the manner of expression of our own style around us. The right choice of lighting gives the sensation of comfort, warmth and domesticity. The optimal harmony between the lighting fixtures is essential for creating genuine individual atmosphere in the kitchen, living-room, bathroom. Lighting is inseparable part of the interior. Therefore the proper choice of lighting in combination with the rest of the furnishing is of great importance. The lighting fixtures should seem elegant, correspond to the style of the premises, should owe the right shape, the suitable colour scheme and of course they should be functional and easy-to-handle.   

Pursuing the requirements of the market and the rapidly changing trends in the interior design VIVA has establish a new line of decorative lighting fixtures under our own trade mark Tommy Lighting. Its the lighting which functions not only to lightbut to refresh and complete the surrounding space. A certain field of creative demand of the trade mark Tommy Lighting is the combination between the classic and traditional style in illumination achieved by the use of various decorative elements, shapes and sizes that also express the contemporary views in the interior lighting. The concept of the overall design under the trade name Tommy Lighting is worked out in such a way that every model plays the role of an attractive lighting detail refining the atmosphere of the dwelling place. The product range includes chandeliers, ceiling lights and bracket lamps with variety of decorations, vivid colours and painted by hand glasses.

The illumination line Tommy is distinguished with its exceptionally high functionality, easy and quick mounting. An important supplement is that the lighting fixtures are packed in an elegant and stylish package.  

The overall product range is produced in Bulgaria. In the producing process are used only high quality components manufactured in Italy and Spain.